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Advanced Writing and Research

Help students learn how to reason carefully and express ideas clearly. Students develop these competencies as they learn to recognize strong arguments, uncover assumptions, evaluate evidence, recognize rhetorical patterns, and infer ideas from data. To apply their understanding of these skills, students write summaries, essays synthesizing ideas from diverse sources, critiques of arguments, and research papers that focus on issues relevant to their majors.

Course Outcomes

  • Apply critical reading and thinking skills to texts, including the ability to accurately summarize and analyze their structure and logic.
  • Conduct library and electronic research by locating reliable sources with which to frame an argument relevant to a current academic or disciplinary conversation.
  • Write a coherent, clear, and cogent argument that supports claims with specific evidence, logical reasoning, and appropriate documentation.
  • Meet the needs of a variety of audiences and rhetorical situations.
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3.0 Credits




Lecture, Online


Fall, Winter, Spring