Foundations Purposes and Outcomes

What makes a Foundations course a Foundations course? What are the outcomes and core principles that underlie and guide Foundations at BYU-Idaho?

One key feature about our Foundations student learning outcomes is that these are the same as the BYU-Idaho student learning outcomes. 

Foundations Purposes and Outcomes


  • Develop faculty
  • Implement University outcomes
  • Provide quality General Education


  • Students become disciple-leaders.
  • Students become lifelong learners.
  • Students become creative and critical thinkers.
  • Students become effective communicators.
  • Students become skilled professionals.
  • Students become engaged citizens.

Students become disciple leaders as they

  • Understand and commit to live the principles of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to cooperate with others

Students become lifelong learners as they

  • Locate, evaluate, and appropriately use needed information
  • Master strategies to continually gain and apply knowledge and skills in new situations

Students become creative and critical thinkers as they

  • Apply reflective reasoning, logic and quantitative analysis to new ideas, opinions, and situations
  • Analyze problems and challenges from fresh perspectives that offer innovative solutions

Students become effective communicators as they

  • Present ideas and arguments clearly through oral, written, and visual form
  • Listen, understand, and effectively engage others in a variety of settings

Students become skilled professionals as they

  • Develop deep learning in a discipline and broad skills leading to self-reliance
  • Develop professional and ethical values and practices 

Students become engaged citizens as they

  • Fulfill family, religious, and civic responsibilities
  • Develop empathy for their fellowmen and understanding of world religion, culture, history, literature, science, and the arts.