Society Leadership and Website Information This form is used to collect information about the academic society. This information must be updated each semester.

Guest Speaker Request Form This form is for requesting approval for a guest speaker presentation at your academic society event. Approval must be given before extending an invitation to the presenter.

Semester Budget Request - *Department Societies see respective department for funding. This form is used to request funding each semester for the University Academic Societies.

Academic Society Dues Form This form is used to collect dues from the society members. No more than $25 per semester per student may be collected.

Student Travel Funds This form is used to collect or reimburse funds for student academic society travel and must be completed in detail before submission.

University Travel Fund Request - *Department Societies see respective department for funding. This form is for University Societies to apply for funding to cover costs of travel to academic society events. NOTE: An Overnight Student Travel Authorization must be completed and approved before seeking funding for any overnight student travel.

Overnight Student Travel Authorization Forms This form is required for all student overnight travel.

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