Vehicle Incident Reporting Policy

Revised:    March 29, 2016


Any damage to or caused by a University vehicle (including gators, carts, rental cars, and department vehicles) must be reported to the proper authorities and Fleet Services. In order for Financial Services to process vehicle claims, information regarding vehicle damage including accident reports must be submitted in a timely fashion.

Failure by an employee to report an accident could result in noncompliance with state laws and/or denial of insurance claims. Failure to report an accident is also a violation of the Honor Code and will subject the offending employee to disciplinary action.

To obtain the required information in a uniform and timely manner, the following procedures are to be followed:


  1. Employees involved in an accident off campus while using a University vehicle should immediately report the incident to the local police department.
  2. Employees involved in an incident on campus while using a University vehicle should immediately report the incident to University Security at 496-3000.
  3. University Security will determine if the Rexburg Police Department needs to be involved with any incident that occurs on campus.
  4. After notifying the police or University Security, the employee should notify their supervisor and Fleet Services (ext. 2466) of the incident.
  5. Information including police/incident reports, and insurance information for all involved parties should be obtained and forwarded to Fleet Services by the employee as soon as possible after the incident. Fleet Services is responsible for gathering all applicable information.
  6. Fleet Services will forward all incident information to Financial Services immediately upon receipt.
  7. If third party repairs are required, Fleet Services will take the damaged University vehicle to an auto body shop for a cost estimate. They will then forward the estimate to Financial Services.
  8. If it is determined that our employee was at fault, Financial Services will charge the responsible employee's department a $250 deductible.
  9. Financial Services will process the claim with Sedgwick and ensure the claim is completed in a timely fashion.