University Vehicles

Revised:    September 9, 2011


The department or employee is encouraged to use a vehicles scheduled through Fleet Services when traveling on University business. The department will be charged at the current motor pool rate or the rate for outside rentals. If the employee uses his private vehicle because a vehicle is not available, he will be reimbursed at the rate authorized by the University (the IRS mileage rate for the applicable time period). If a University vehicle is used, the driver must have a valid BYU-Idaho driving permit to drive the vehicle.


  1. The employee completes a Vehicle Rental Order through the BYU-Idaho intranet.
  2. This form should then be sumbitted to Fleet Services; as soon as the order is processed, Fleet Services will process the form and email back a confirmation number.
  3. If no school vehicle is available, Fleed Services will indicate "no University vehicle available" through campus email to the requestor. If the employee attaches this to the Travel Authorization/Expense form (TA) or to a Check Request, he will be reimbursed at the full IRS rate per mile. Otherwise, the employee will be reimbursed for only on-half the rate.
  4. Employees will be reimbursed at the full IRS rate when driving their personal vehicle to Idaho Falls to catch an airline flight. School vehicles should not be driven to and from the airport and left in the parking lot while the employee flies to and from his destination.
  5. The Fleet Services scheduling office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:00. Vehicles must be picked up during these hours.
  6. When a school vehicle is used, the credit card that comes in the travel envelope with the vehicle should be used to purchase gas and oil relating to the operation of the vehicle. These cards should not be used for any other purchases such as snacks or drinks.
  7. When the vehicle is returned, the driver should write down the odometer reading and other information on the travel envelope. Put the keys, credit card, and charge slips in the travel envelope at the scheduling office. If a vehicle is returned during office hours, return the travel envelope to the scheduling office. If a vehicle is returned after hours, place the envelope in the drop box on the scheduling building.
  8. Operators of all University motorized vehicles and equipment are required to have a current state driver's license and a BYU-Idaho driving permit. If an employee plans on driving only campus sedans and minivans, no test or driving class is required to obtain a permit. If the employee will be driving pickup trucks and/or 12-passenger vans, a two-hour van course and a short behind-the-wheel driving test must be taken. Applications can be obtained through the BYU-Idaho intranet or at the Fleet Services office. Permits will be issued from the Fleet Services office and will expire when the drivers state driver's license expires. When a new state driver's license has been issued, the employee can bring it to Fleet Services and a new BYU-Idaho permit will be issued.
  9. If an accident occurs involving a BYU-Idaho vehicle, notify Campus Police as soon as possible. The department renting the vehicle is responsible for the first $100 damages, and will be billed later.
  10. When a personal vehicle is used in lieu of air travel, the employee will be reimbursed at the lowest airfare available to the destination plus the cost of transportation to and from the airport. The department chairman will determine and approve the appropriate amount. Enter the amount on the Travel-Other line on the Travel Authorization/Expense form.