Travel Emergencies

Revised:    September 4, 2012


1. In the event of a medical emergency, go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital. In the event of an injury or sickness that is not an emergency, contact HTH Worldwide before seeking medical attention. For all nonmedical emergencies and security concerns contact HTH Worldwide. They will evaluate the situation and provide services accordingly. HTH Worldwide can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling them collect at +1.610.254.8771.  

2. If students have conduct problems, become ill, hospitalized, involved in accidents, or die, University Security should be contacted immediately at 1-208-496-3000. They in turn should notify the following individuals:

             I.       For Academic Travel:
                      Ric Page: Associate Academic VP - Support Services 
                      Office:  1-208-496-1121
                      Home:  1-208-356-0150
                      Cell:      1-208-313-2519

                       For Non-Academic Travel:
                      Kip Harris: Dean of Students 
                      Office: 1-208-496-9200
                      Home:  1-208-356-7738
                      Cell:      1-208-313-6086

                       For Employee Travel:
                      Eric Harmston: Safety Officer 
                      Office: 1-208-496-3053
                      Home:  1-208-745-0556
                      Cell:      1-208-201-1832

              II.     Travel Office
                     Jeorgette Requiron: Travel Services Coordinator
                     Office: 1-208-496-2340
                     Cell:      1-208-313-5660

             III.     Financial Services
                    Tyler Andreasen: Risk Management Coordinator
                    Office: 1-208-496-1972
                    Cell:      1-208-569-6516

To expedite insurance claims management include the name of the participant, a description of the sickness or injury, what care has been received, and the name and contact information of the HTH representative that is coordinating the care.

3. Financial Services will work with HTH Worldwide, the claimant, tour group leaders, and any other necessary parties to ensure the claim is processed in a timely fashion.

4. The student may need to complete reimbursement forms to process the claim.  HTH Worldwide typically submits payment to the student who then reimburses the University.  The department sponsoring the travel is responsible to ensure that reimbursement is received from the student.