In June of 2010, the Purchasing and Travel Office introduced a new online tool that allows BYU-Idaho employees to book flights, hotels, and rental cars for your corporate travel needs. This new program provides employees with immediate access to travel information, whether they are at work, at home, or on the road, and it is very easy to use. Here is what travelers and travel arrangers who use I Travel are saying:

    • "I enjoy the flexibility of being able to book my own flights and hotel on I Travel. To be able to physically look at multiple flight options and pick the best flights that fit my travel circumstances is very important. Before I Travel, I would spend a considerable amount of time on the phone or through e-mail reviewing all of the options. Because I was busy, there were times that it took me a few days to respond to the Travel Office regarding specific itineraries and by the time I responded, the options had changed. With I Travel, I can make travel arrangements on my own time, when I have my calendar and all options in front of me."

    • "I Travel is a very helpful tool in locating flight and hotel options for the travelers in our office. I like that I can look information up myself as our guys begin to plan their proposed trips. I Travel provides quick options and prices ranges that are very useful."

    • "When I don't have time to book trips, I know I can call the friendly Travel Office personnel who are there to help any way they can. I-Travel allows me to give the Travel Office a clearer idea of what I need, and Trisha or Jeorgette can book the trip for me."


The technology is comparable to other online travel booking tools and was developed for business by the same company that introduced Travelocity. Unlike the leisure sites, I Travel includes the Church and University's contracted rates.

In the past, travelers called the Travel Office to obtain flight information or coordinate plans. This new method allows travelers to have information online or utilize the Travel Office services as needed. I Travel shares information with the Travel Office so the University can assist travelers as needed or contact travelers in case of emergency.

Once reservations are made using I Travel, the Travel Office will review the arrangements within 24 hours to check travel plans. Industry studies recommend booking travel two weeks in advance to find the best deals. Employees can look for those deals on I Travel any time. In order to purchase tickets, a T.A. number and account number along with a traveler profile is required. Although travel arrangements can take place mostly online now, the Travel Office personnel aren't going anywhere. Because I Travel is for individuals traveling to a single domestic destination, Jeorgette and Trisha will continue to make arrangements for multi-destination trips, international travel and student, employee, and faculty groups. While some trips still need to be arranged directly through the Travel Office, this new tool should make arranging most travel much easier. It will provide employees with control, convenience, and cost savings. If you have any questions, please contact our I Travel Specialist at ext. 2343.