Office Supplies

Church Headquarters and BYU-Idaho have a contract with Staples for significant price reductions on many items. These prices do not show in the catalogs that we receive each year. Below are some of the savings that can be realized.

NOTE: The prices on this page are to be kept confidential

Staples CatalogStaples E-Way
Paper Clips, Small $.62/BX Paper Clips, Small $.52/BX
BIC Pens $4.08/DZ BIC Pens $1.78/DZ
Sharpie Marker $4.12/EA Sharpie Marker $1.51/EA
1" Binder $11.98/EA 1" Binder $7.27/EA
Dry Erase Cleaner $9.47/EA Dry Erase Cleaner $1.66/EA
Expo Dry Erase Marker $21.84/DZ Expo Dry Erase Marker $8.00/DZ
Post-It Notes 3X3 $32.23/PK Post-It Notes 3X3 $20.83/PK
Sheet Protectors $24.07/BX Sheet Protectors $20.43/BX
Transparent Tape ¾" $28.14/PK Transparent Tape ¾" $12.12/PK

Staples is our preferred vendor for all office supplies.

Staples Advantage is the on-line ordering site for staples. As you place your orders you will see the quantity they have in stock and the price. Most items are delivered to you the next day by Stores and Receiving. Returns are easily handled on the web or over the phone.

Don't forget to check stores for their prices. They have many high demand items on their shelves at a greatly reduced price.

To request an account with Staples Advantage contact LaVona Borg at ext. 2312 or email her at She will convey your name and phone number to Staples. You will be contacted directly by our Staples representative.

This company is authorized to use Release Numbers. You can call Purchasing at ext. 2312 to obtain numbers to keep on file for when you need to purchase office supplies.