Example BYU-Idaho Purchasing Card

Understanding Which Card is Right for You

Purchasing, Travel, Group Travel Cards - When, Where, and How
Help determine which card is right for you.

Purchasing Cards

The BYU-Idaho MasterCard® Purchasing Card gives the cardholder advanced authority for official University purchases. All full-time and part-time (non-student) employees are eligible to apply for a card as deemed necessary by their supervisor. Department Purchasing Cards are also available where supervisors see fit; however, there are several policies in place that must be followed.

Purchasing Card Policies

Purchase Card Application- Individual
Used for non-travel related purchases by cardholder only.
Purchase Card Application - Department
Issued to steward but card can be used by authorized individuals (including students).
Fuel Card Application
Used fuel purchases by areas with assigned vehicles. - Typically managed through Fleet Services.

Travel Cards - Travel & Entertainment (Individual)

The BYU-Idaho Visa® Travel & Entertainment Cards give the cardholder advanced authority for official travel-related University purchases. Employees that travel more than once a year are highly encouraged to use a University Travel Card. Employee is responsible for paying the balance in full each month.

Travel & Entertainment Card Policies

Travel & Entertainment Card Application
Used for individual travel or smaller group travel where cash is not needed - Cardholder responsibility to pay balance in full each month.

Group Travel Cards

The BYU-Idaho Visa® Group Travel Card give the cardholder advanced authority for official travel-related University purchases for larger groups. Cash is also available from ATMs. Balance is paid directly by University each month.

Group Travel Card Policies

Group Travel Card Application
Used for larger group travel where access to cash is needed. - Paid directly by the University.

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