After reaching the time sheet login screen you will need to enter network user name and password. Press enter or select the login button.

The next screen you see will allow you to select the department you wish to view time for. If the department you will be viewing time for does not appear you will need to call the Payroll Office (1060) to check if you are authorized. Payroll can then make any necessary changes. Select the department number you wish to view.

Be sure to check the information at the top of the screen. Verify correct department, payroll ending date, and when it is due to be sent to payroll. Read any messages in the message box. If there seems to be any errors notify payroll.

The time sheet consists of an alphabetized list of regular employees. The other column contains any other types of time off available. These include DEL-delete (if time entered in other is in error) FS-Family Sick, FM-Family Medical, H-Holiday, F-Funeral, SN-Snow Leave, B-Business, L-Leave Without Pay, J-Jury, and M-Military. This regular employee list will be followed immediately by an alphabetized list of student employees. Students with a second job will have a red A in the status box have more than one job. On the far left you will notice a status column. This column has a pop down menu which includes three codes. A-Active, I-Inactive, and T-Terminate. You will not be allowed to terminate an employee who has hours. You will need to wait until they have no hours worked to terminate.

Employees clocking in on the web will show their time immediately on the Time Sheet summary page. Their names will be highlighted in blue unless they are any errors (Failure to clock out etc.). In this case their name will be in red. To view their recorded time click on their name and it will take you directly to the students recorded time. If there are days the student had to make manual adjustments you can click on the comments to view full comments. If you need to adjust students time for any reason, forgetting to clock out for example, the student will be alerted to this fact the next time they login. When you exit to return to time summary page wait for the page to reload before making any changes. It will take just a few seconds. If time entered this way is all correct nothing else needs be done.

Verify the time entered by each employee, the designated person who will be viewing time on the time sheet can begin. For regular employees view regular hours worked in regular column, vacation hours in vacation column, etc... If everything looks correct an authorized person can then submit the timesheet. If changes are discovered after that you will need to contact the Payroll Office at ext. 1060.

Wage rates for students can be increased by the authorized employee that submits the payroll. Put the cursor in the wage-rate box on the far right then put in the desired amount. Be sure to update (Save) Work file to save the changes you have entered.