After reaching the time and attendance login screen you will need to enter network user name, password. Press enter or select the login button.

The next screen you see will allow you to select the reporting point you wish to enter time for. If the reporting point you will be entering time for does not appear you will need to call the Payroll Office (1060) to check if you are authorized. Payroll can then make any necessary changes. Select the reporting point you wish to enter.

Be sure to check the information at the top of the screen. Verify correct reporting point, payroll ending date, and when it is due to be sent to payroll. Read any messages in the message box. If there seems to be any errors notify payroll.

The time and attendance sheet consists of an alphabetized list of exempt employees (Administrative), followed by an alphabetized list of non-exempt employees (Staff). (Non-exempt employees are allowed overtime/extra straight pay.) Each employee name is a link to each individual's time for that pay period. Click on the employee's name to enter time. The next screen will be a little different depending upon if the employee is exempt or non-exempt. The second column for exempt employees is titled "Check." The second column for non-exempt employees is titled "Hrs." If an exempt employee works a regular day simply click in the box and a check mark will appear. If vacation, sick, or any type of hours are used for the entire day, leave Check column blank. If the exempt employee works part of the day and uses leave for part, place a check mark in the Check column and enter any hours of leave. If the employee is non-exempt enter the hours worked in the "Hrs" column. If leave is used for entire day leave "Hrs" column blank and enter leave, otherwise enter number of hours worked and any leave used.

If leave is vacation, sick or holiday leave simply enter the number of hours in the appropriate column. If the leave is other than vacation or sick, click the "Add Other Hours" button. A drop down menu will appear which contains any other types of leave available. These include DEL-delete (if time entered in other is in error) FS-Family Sick, FM-Family Medical, F-Funeral, SN-Snow Leave, B-Business, L-Leave Without Pay, J-Jury, and M-Military. Click on the type of leave and enter hours in the box next to it. (When entering hours in vacation, sick, or family sick, it will be checked against what the employee has earned, and will only allow up to that amount).

Fill in time for each day. (You must exit a field after each entry of hours for totals to be updated.) When finished verify the totals are what should be reported for that employee. For exempt employees, the only totals you will see is leave hours. Save employee time if all is correct. If you try to save the employee's time and the hours entered are not equal to, or more than the expected number of hours for that period (Ex: 11 days in the period should have at least 88 hours total), a warning will appear. (This works for exempt employees even though the totals only includes leave). Make any corrections necessary. In most cases you should have at least the expected hours for each employee. In rare instances there could be less and you can press okay on the warning and you may continue.

You will need to enter time for each employee this way in order to allow overtime or extra straight time to be correctly calculated. If you need to exit before all time is entered for all employees, you may click the "Update(SAVE) Work File". When you return, you may just continue on with next employee. If the person entering the information is authorized to send the information to Payroll, you can click the "Send to Payroll" button and it will be saved and sent. If a supervisor needs to approve, save the file. The supervisor needs to logon, verify the information to be correct, and send it.