Financial Aid Disbursement and Accounting Services

Disbursements will begin the first week of the start of the semester. The following may effect when the disbursement will be available:

  • If you were enrolled the previous semester.
  • If you have met all the eligibility requirements for your aid. (See Student Financial Aid on that status)
  • If your grades from the previous semester have been posted.  

BYUI disburses excess funds to students by:

  • eRefund (direct deposit)
  • Check  

The preferred method is eRefund.  This provides the quickest and safest way to receive your funds.  To enroll in eRefund, please go to eRefund for instructions.   If no action is taken, a check will automatically be mailed to the student's mailing address on record with BYU-IDAHO 10-14 days after funds have been applied to the student account.  

To have your federal financial aid (Pell Grants and student loans) applied to non-educational charges appearing on your student account (University Store, Health Center, Parking, etc.); follow the instructions on Federal Aid Authorization.  

Please contact the Accounting Office at 208-496-1900 if you have questions.