Revised:    April 23, 2014


When traveling domestically to a single destination employees must use the I Travel on-line booking tool to make reservations for lodging by going to this link http://byui.edu/financial-services/travel/i-travel.  When traveling to multiple destinations, internationally, with a group, for University guest reservations, or when traveling with non-university personnel contact the Travel Office to make arrangements. The Church and University have contracts for lodging that frequently provides the best available pricing. The traveler is responsible to contact the Travel Office to cancel lodging reservations made using I Travel.



All travel requiring housing with private parties will require adherence to current CES policy, which requires advance scheduling and approval by Area Presidencies. Students are to be housed in private homes only when local Priesthood leaders feel it will be mutually beneficial and not a burden. When staying in personal residences, students may not share beds, and there must be a minimum of two students of the same gender per residence.


A minimum of two students and preferably three "or more" students of the same gender must be assigned to a room if enough beds. The sharing of beds is not allowed. Employees and students are not to share the same room.

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