I-Card Policies

General Policies

The BYU-Idaho I-Card is the official identification card for students, faculty, and administrators at BYU-Idaho. The I-Card is also a declining balance card (debit card) used at various locations across campus.

The I-Card allows you to:

  • Provide identification
  • Access certain campus events
  • Check out library materials
  • Gain admittance to athletic facilities
  • Cash checks on campus and other Cashier services
  • Obtain campus event tickets
  • Access the Testing Center
  • Spend pre-deposited funds on campus
  • Print in computer labs

In order to ensure that only authorized individuals receive an I-Card, a photo ID is required before a card will be issued (driver's license, passport, etc.).

Anyone wishing to obtain an I-Card must be in conformity with BYU-Idaho dress and grooming standards.

Use of the I-Card

The I-Card is yours to use, but it remains the property of BYU-Idaho. The I-Card must be returned to the University upon request. Fraudulent use of any I-Card may result in disciplinary action. You are entitled to have only ONE I-Card in your possession.

University departments, personnel, or community businesses may not ask to retain your I-Card as collateral for goods or services. Report any such occurrences to the I-Card Office.

In order to minimize your losses, it is your responsibility to inform the I-Card Office if you believe your card has been lost or stolen.

You may use the I-Card like a credit card at the following locations (Charges will be applied to your Personal Account and can be paid online or at the Cashier's Office):

  • University Store
  • Ticket Office

You may use the I-Card as a debit card at the following locations (Must pre-deposit money to your account):

  • Crossroads (University Cafeteria)
  • Vending Machines
  • Copy Spot
  • Ticket Office
  • Computer Labs

Student Eligibility

All students registered for class may obtain an I-Card beginning one week before the start of the semester they are attending. The spouse of a student may obtain an I-Card for free, as long as they are in the dress and grooming standards of BYU-Idaho.

Employee Eligibility

Full-Time Employees

All full-time employees are entitled to an employee I-Card. A spouse and family members of full-time employees are also entitled to have an I-Card. Dependents children 8 to 26 will be issued an I-Card free of charge (covered dependents are defined as unmarried dependents living in the same household).

Part-Time Employees

Regular part-time employees are entitled to an I-Card. However, spouses and children are not eligible. Temporary part-time employees are not entitled to an I-Card.

Care of the I-Card

  • Care for your I-Card the same as you would your driver's license, credit cards, or cash.
  • Do not bend the I-Card (card readers cannot read bent or cracked cards)
  • Do not wash your card (doing so may damage the magnetic strip)
  • Do not use the card as an ice scraper to clean your car windows
  • Keep the back of the card away from the back of other cards with magnetic strips (magnetic fields can erase each other)
  • Keep your card away from any magnetic fields such as VCRs, stereo speakers, or magnetic boards found at grocery stores and some department stores