Making a payment using eCheck requires only a few simple steps:

#1 - Login to and click on the finances tab.

Screenshot of mybyui finances tab with the tab title 'Finances' circled.

#2 - If you click on make an online payment proceed to step #4 on this page.  If you click on campus account details proceed to step #3.

Screenshot of mybyui finances tab with payment links under Personal Account Summary circled.

#3 - Once on your personal account page click on "make online payment".

Screenshot of mybyui Personal Accounts page with the button under 'Unpaid Charges' section circled.

#4 - Once in the HigherOne ePayment system click on the "Pay" link next to the amount due.

Screenshot of HigherOne page with 'Pay' link under 'Your Account' section circled.

#5 - This will bring you to the detail of the charges to be paid.  If the amount to be paid is correct, click on the Checkout button.

Screenshot of HigherOne charges page with 'Checkout' button circled.

#6 - While in the Method of Payment screen select the radio button next to the electronic check information and then click Continue Checkout.

Screenshot of HigherOne Payment Method page with the second radio button and the 'Continue Checkout' button circled.

#7 - On the check information screen enter the account number, account type, routing number, account holder name, and the email address you want the receipt to be sent to.  Then click on the Continue Checkout button.

Screenshot of HigherOne bank account information page.

If you have your checkbook handy, just look at the picture below to see where to find the necessary information.  (If you do not have a checkbook, you can call your bank and get the information)

Routing number is labeled in bottom left, with account number after. Bank name above and check number in top or bottom right.

#8 - On the confirmation page verify your information is correct and then click Submit Payment.

Screenshot of HigherOne confirmation page with 'Submit Payment' button circled.

#9 - Then choose your receipt method.

Screenshot of HigherOne receipt page.

For further questions on how to process an eCheck email the Bursar's office at