How often do you find yourself waiting in line at the Bursar’s Office on campus to take care of financial transactions at the start of a semester? You don’t have to. The Bursar’s Office is changing the way it does business so that managing your finances is quick and easy.

Prepay Your Tuition Online

The start of a new semester is a busy time. Don’t wait in line to pay tuition in person. Prepay your tuition online before classes start.

  • You'll receive an eBill approximately three weeks before the semester starts
  • Tuition payment deadline is due on the first day of the semester
  • Pay with eCheck to avoid credit and debit card fees
  • Arrange your financial aid early so you'll know what tuition balance to expect

Take Your Personal Transactions to the Bank

With the flexibility of online banking, the variety of banks located in Rexburg, and the convenience of ATM machines in the Manwaring Center, personal transactions are easily done elsewhere. To simplify and streamline its services, the Bursar’s Office is:

  • Eliminating person deposits to personal accounts, either by cash, check, or eCheck
  • Eliminating withdrawals from personal account deposits
  • Eliminating the cashing of personal checks

Enroll in eRefund

If you have a refund coming in, don't wait in line to get it. Enroll in eRefund and get your money right away.

  • Before you come to campus, enroll online for direct deposit of financial aid and other credit balances on your account
  • Refunds will be automatically deposited within two days of credits being posted to your account

Enroll in Payroll Direct Deposit

Have an on-campus job? Don't wait in line on payday. Enroll in direct deposit and get your paycheck right away.

  • Enrollment is now part of the hiring process
  • Paychecks will be automatically deposited according to the current pay schedule