Veteran Benefits

Contacting VA Benefit Services

Contact a VA Coordinator by phone or email. Visits are handled by an appointment basis.



(208) 496-1609



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Welcome to Veteran Benefits

Veteran benefits are financial aid funds available to students who are actively serving in the military, students who are serving in the Reserves or National Guard, and dependents or survivors of disabled or deceased veterans. These benefits commonly come from the US Department of Veteran Affairs and the US Department of Defense. There are many types of benefits and awards available to veterans. Each type of benefit may have different requirements and criteria.

  • GI Bills
  • GI Bills
  • GI Bills

Disbursement of VA Benefits

Disbursement of veteran benefit awards usually will not occur until at least a month after the start of a semester. Many VA awards take up to two months after the start of the semester to disburse. This estimate is regardless of how early the student completed the requirements for the award.

VA Forms

These forms are only to be completed and submitted with consultation and recommendation from the VA Benefits Coordinator. Contact the VA Benefits Coordinator with any questions or concerns regarding these forms.

Late fees

BYU-Idaho is flexible with waiving late fees for students who are eligible for the Post 9/11 - Chapter 33 GI Bill. The Bursars Office maintains a list (supplied by VA Coordinators at the Financial Aid Office) of eligible students awaiting Chapter 33 GI Bill benefits. Despite if a student has waived late fees, the late fee charge will still display on a student's Personal Account Summary until the VA Benefit is released and covers the charges.