Revised:    August 23, 2013

Petitions and requests for the adjustment of financial aid awards need to be conducted under the recommendation and consultation of a student's Financial Aid Counselor. Students may contact their Financial Aid Counselor with any questions or concerns regarding the procedures of these requests.

These forms are only to be completed and submitted with consultation and recommendation from a student's Financial Aid Counselor:

Petition for Satisfactory Academic Progress

Petition requesting an exception to the BYU-Idaho Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards. Students failing to meet GPA requirements, earning 67% of cumulative attempted credits, or exceeding the allowable credit limit may complete this petition under the guidance of a Financial Aid Counselor.

Petition for Special Circumstances

Petition requesting an adjustment to a student's FAFSA Estimated Family Contribution (EFC determines a student's financial need score). If a student's household income has decreased or certain special circumstances/incidents were not taken into account on the FAFSA, this petition may be submitted to request a re-evaluation. Other criteria may apply.

Petition for Independent Status

Petition requesting to be considered and evaluated as an independent student on a FAFSA. Students are considered a dependent until the year they turn 24, are serving actively in the military, married or separated (at the time of filing the FAFSA), have dependents of their own (i.e. children), or emancipated as a minor. This petition requests an exception to be considered an independent student due to unusual circumstances, such as:

- Total estrangement from parents

- Abuse in the home

- Other special circumstances as determined by the committee

- Each of these cases requires documentation and evidence. The unwillingness of a parent to provide support or the choice of a student not to accept support are unacceptable reasons to make this request.

Petition for Financial Aid Determination Date

Petition requesting for an exception to the semester's Financial Aid Determination Date(FADD). Students who were unable to register, enroll, or add a class(s) before the FADD due to circumstances beyond his/her control. Typically, students who were attending a class(s) but due to the class's capacity were unable to officially add the class until after the FADD would submit this petition.

- Student must be attending requested classes on or before census date as documented by the teacher(s).

- Student must prove and document that enrollment was beyond his/her control. Unaware or ignorance of FADD is not a reason for consideration.

- Internships are not eligible for review or consideration for this petition.

- Visit the Financial Aid Forms page to access these petitions and forms.