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Getting Married Soon?

Are you engaged and getting married soon? Congratulations! Follow the instructions below to find out if you need to change your FAFSA after you’re married.

First, find out whether you are an independent or dependent student by checking our FAFSA help page.

Please note: if you are currently considered independent by the Department of Education or if changing your FAFSA will decrease your Pell grant funds, you should not make any changes to your FAFSA. Instead, contact the Financial Aid Office about a possible loan and/or budget increase.

Next, choose the option below that best describes your circumstances and follow the steps listed.

Dependent students who have already filled out FAFSA
Steps to update your completed FAFSA if you have been recently married.
Dependent students who have not filled out FAFSA
Instructions for recently married students who have not completed their FAFSA for the current or coming school year.
Independent students
Information for newly married independent students.