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Financial Aid Awards

  • Financial Aid Awards Page
  • This page shows how much a student's awards will be and which semesters they will be receiving those funds.
  • This page does not display disbursed financial aid funds.
  • Awards requiring an acceptance or decline response are in yellow.
  • Awards requiring no acceptance or decline response are in white.
  • Disbursing Timeline
    • The earliest that funds will be disbursed is the first week of classes, if all deadlines are met.
    • If documents or credit level requirements aren't met on time, then the funds may be disbursed later in the semester.

Accessing Disbursed Financial Aid Funds.

  • To view disbursed funds,
    • Click on "Finances" tab
    • Click on "View Detailed Personal Account Summary"
    • Then disbursed funds will be viewable under the heading "Available and Disbursed Financial Aid/Scholarships"
  • Scholarships are automatically applied to a student's tuition balance if tuition hasn't already been paid.
  • Federal Aid Requires a Title IV Authorization if a student wants their funds to be applied to their tuition automatically. This authorization gives certain permissions to the school to use your funds.
    • For more questions about this policy, contact the Bursar's office.
  • E-refund
    • To transfer funds to your bank account,
      1. Click on "Finances" Tab
      2. Click on the "View Detailed Personal Account Summary" link
      3. In the Navigation menu at the top of the page, click the "Enroll in E-Refund" button
    • For more information, visit the Financial Services Webpage