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Financial Aid Forms

Students are often required to submit certain forms, applications, and worksheets to process their financial aid. Students can view what documents and requirements currently requested by the Financial Aid Office by visiting their Financial Aid Document Tracking page. This displays documents and forms received and processed by the Financial Aid Office and those documents which have not been successfully submitted or processed.

Students have 120 days after their last day of attendance (or until September 12, 2014, whichever comes first) to submit verification documents for the 2013-2014 year. Failure to submit these documents by this deadline will disqualify the student from receiving federal aid.  

Submitting documents to the Financial Aid Office

Students need to read and complete the documents carefully. Failure to do so, will mean it will take more time to process a student's financial aid.

Please include the following on the forms and worksheets in order to identify which student's account to process documents:

  • Student's full name
  • Student's I-number (BYU-Idaho student identification number)

Please write or print all required information above legibly and clearly or it may be rejected and shredded.

Federal Aid Verification forms

Required forms and worksheets to complete a student's federal aid application. These documents are used to complete the verification process on FAFSA forms. Verification is a mandatory audit performed on a select number of submitted FAFSA's. Visit the Financial Aid Document Tracking page to find which documents to complete and submit.

Are you required to submit an IRS tax return transcript for yourself, parents, or spouse? Click here for specific instructions on how to order an IRS tax return transcript.

Acceptance and permission forms

Permissions and acceptance forms for certain financial aid.

2013-2014 Forms
2014-2015 Forms
  • Authorization to Release Information (Privacy Release Form) - Permission granted to an individual (spouse or trusted family members) to access or communicate private information with the Financial Aid Office
  • PLUS Loan Acceptance Form - Loan acceptance form used for a PLUS Loan (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students)
  • Robert R. Lee Promise Category B Acceptance form - Acceptance form for the Robert R. Lee Promise scholarship (formerly known as the Idaho Promise Scholarship)

Petitions and Requests

Requests and Petitions for adjustments, corrections, and changes to financial aid. These forms are only to be completed and submitted with consultation and recommendation from a financial aid counselor. Please contact a financial aid counselor with any questions or concerns regarding these forms.

2014-2015 Forms
  • Petition for Independent Status
  • Petition for Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Petition for Special Circumstances
  • Petition for Financial Aid Determination Date
  • GRE Fee Reduction Request
  • Professional Judgment Petition