Welcome to a new semester! This is an exciting time of the school year: new classes, new roommates, and new adventures. We understand that with your new changes and adventures, life can get a little busy. Many students this time of the semester have some of the same questions you have. To help you manage your time a little better, we have provided a list of questions that are frequently asked at the beginning of a new semester. Check out our How-to Videos or our NEW Glossary page for more help as well!

Do you have all of my documents?
  • Always check your Document Tracker for updates.
  • It can take up to 14 business days for you to see that we have received your documents.
Why didn't I know about the documents I have to submit?
  • Make sure to check your Document Tracker regularly for updates because additional documents may be requested after the last document that you submitted to our office for further verification.
  • Reminder e-mails are sent to your BYU-Idaho account if you are missing any documents. Check this e-mail often.
Why was I selected for verification?
  • Federal policy states that students that submit a FAFSA will be randomly selected and asked to verify their information with additional documentation to complete their FAFSA.
  • This documentation guarantees that your FAFSA has been filed correctly and you will be awarded the aid that you qualify for.
Where can I submit my verification documents?
  • Include your name and I-number on every page that you are submitting.
  • Fax: (208) - 496 - 6711
  • Mail: 100 Kimball Building Rexburg, ID 83460
  • Submitted in person to our office
  • Drop-box outside of our door for your convenience
When will my money come in?
  • Most aid will be disbursed during the first week of school and by the day late fees are applied to student accounts for students who had all documents in by the priority deadlines.
  • Priority deadlines:
    • Fall: July 1st
    • Winter: November 1st
    • Spring: February 1st
  • Please be aware that all of your aid may not be disbursed at the same time. This includes Pell Grants, Student Loans, Scholarships and Tuition Waivers.
How do I use my financial aid to pay my tuition or housing?
  • Check your Personal Account Summary. Personal Account Summary
  • Aid Money will go toward tuition and insurance first.
  • Leftover aid money can be picked up in the form of a check at the cashier windows in the kimball or transferred to you bank through E-Refund
  • For more information on enrolling in the E-refund program, go to byui.edu/financial-services. Click on My Account; Cashnet; E-refund.
Do I have to fill out MPN/Entrance Counseling?
  • These federal documents are only required if you accept a federal student loan.
  • Entrance Counseling is a questionnaire that explains your student loans.
  • Master Promissory Note is your electronic signature to the government that you will pay back your student loans.
  • To complete your MPN and Entrance Counseling you must log in to studentloans.gov.
  • It will take 3-5 business days to appear as received on your Document Tracker
  • If you do not want a student loan you need to decline your loan offer.
  • Accepting a federal student loan must be completed on your awards page.
How much money will I be awarded?
  • Your award amount will not be known until your FAFSA has been evaluated.
  • Awards will be posted on your Awards page.
  • You will receive an e-mail when you have been awarded.
Can I still apply for federal aid?
    • Yes
    • Fall 14, Winter 15, and Spring 15 requires the 2014-2015 FAFSA.
    • It can take up to 8 weeks for your aid to be awarded once your FAFSA is submitted.
    • Please be mindful of our Priority deadlines:
      • Fall: July 1st
      • Winter: November 1st
      • Spring: February 1st
I'm looking for more options to fund my education.
Can I get more loan money?
    • If you previously declined your loan and would like to now accept it or if you would like to see if you have additional loan money available, you will want to send your Financial Aid Counselor an email with your request.Be sure to include your name, I number and situation in the email.