The BYU-Idaho Financial Aid Office has the responsibility of helping student's understand their financial aid options, verifying financial aid documents, and releasing funds to the BYU-Idaho Bursars Office. BYU-Idaho's Bursar Office is responsible for all disbursement and charges made to the students' accounts. Financial aid encompasses any financial resources from federal aid to scholarships.

This website is built to help each student; new freshman, transfer students, and continuing students to be able to easily understand the financial aid options available to them. These options include scholarships ranging from academic to needs based.  As well as federal aid, which includes student loans and /or Pell grants.

How can I use financial aid money?

Financial aid funds are to be used for education expenses that a student incurs while completing their education.

Intended uses: (not a complete list)*Certain financial aid awards, such as some private scholarships, have requirements limiting their use only for tuition based costs.

  • Tuition and class based fees
  • Books and school supplies
  • Outstanding school balances
  • Living expenses
  • Housing Food
  • Travel
  • Insurance

What if I have questions?

Our financial aid counselors are available to answer questions, educate students about financial aid opportunities, and help students through the financial aid process.

Financial Aid Counselors are available Monday 8am-3:30pm, Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm

Students may contact a Financial Aid Counselor over the phone, by email, or in person at the Financial Aid Office on the 1st floor of the Kimball Building (RM 100).