Here are the questions you will most likely be asked,
in some form, during your interview


1- Tell me about how you will handle classroom management.
2- Explain your classroom discipline plan.
3- Are you a team player? Explain how your foster positive relationships.
4- Why do you want to teach? Do you love children?
5- How do you know what to teach? Will You teach the standards?
6- Can you receive constructive feedback and stay positive?
7- How you communicate with parents, and how often?

 Here are the questions you can ask during your interview

1- What support will I get as a new teacher in your school? 
2- Can you tell me about your school, including the demographics of students, poverty, and special needs?
3- What is the average class size that I would be teaching?
4- What is the cost of living in this area?

 Once you are offered a position then it is okay to ask these questions.

1- What is the pay for this position?
2- What are the benefits associated with this position? 
3- How will I be evaluated?
4- Will I have a classroom budget?
5- what is the teacher turn-over rate for this school?