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Principal Nelson, Brent

Principal: Nelson, Brent

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West Kearns Elementary School

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Mission Statement

The Mission of West Kearns Elementary School is to provide equal educational opportunities in a safe environment to all students. This mission includes developing academic, technological and social skills as well as fostering successful productive students and families.

Message from the Principal

Every day, I marvel at the outpouring of affection from our students to our faculty and staff, and vice versa.  Our students know they are cared for and loved.  This is why I love West Kearns Elementary, and why I consider it a great privilege to serve here: the faculty and the staff care for the students, care for each other, and care about learning.  This is evident in all they do.  The students respond in kind.  Our faculty is dynamic, energetic and collaborative.  We laugh together, and we laugh with the students, as we pour our efforts into the teaching and learning process.  We are problem solvers.  We work together in teams to bring excellent instruction to students.  Our student teachers are an important part of our team, and our partnership with BYU-I is strong, long, and rich.   We invite you to learn more about West Kearns, only 3.5 hours from the beautiful city of Rexburg!

About the School

West Kearns Elementary is located southwest of Salt Lake City.  West Kearns is a diverse Title 1 school where the majority of students receive free or reduced lunch.  The diversity of our school presents a unique opportunity to share and celebrate cultures.

Our kids love their teachers and are eager to learn.  We establish a safe environment where they can come to learn and succeed.  Our faculty works collaboratively to plan and deliver excellent instruction.  

We welcome student teachers who are interested in any grade level (K-6).  We take student teachers in Elementary Education and Special Education.  We also have a gifted Spanish/English dual immersion program.  For student teachers fluent in Spanish, we offer limited placements in a dual immersion classroom.  We are looking for student teachers who are dedicated, compassionate, and willing to share, laugh, and collaborate with us.  

This is a great place for you as a prospective teacher to be trained in a supportive environment with a teacher who shares a love of making a difference in the lives of kids.   


"I absolutely love working at West Kearns because of the students and the atmosphere here! The students don't necessarily have all the things they need and yet they come to school each day ready to learn and they give it their all. Also, when I first walked into this school I could just tell there was something special about it; the atmosphere is so positive.  It is really a great place to be!" - Elizabeth Laguan

"I love teaching at West Kearns because you are really able to make a difference in the students' lives.  I love working with the other teachers on my team.  West Kearns has been a wonderful place for me to learn how to be the teacher that I want to be." - Laura Chadwick  

"I love working at West Kearns because I feel like I can make a difference in the lives of my students with the help of the caring faculty." - Amanda Stephens

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