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Principal Anderson, Brian

Principal: Anderson, Brian

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Pioneer Elementary School

(801) 452-4560

250 N 1600 W

Ogden, UT, 84404

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Mission Statement

We envision a child-centered school where each student is given multiple opportunities to achieve his/her academic, social, emotional, and physical potential in a safe, nurturing environment; where caring employees are committed to excellence based on best practices in instruction; and where educators, parents and community members are full partners in the education of children. We embrace technology and implement the use of technology in our instruction, thus preparing students for success in the digital world.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Pioneer Elementary! We have a wonderful school. We have fantastic teachers and a wonderful staff. We love learning in general. We believe in giving students the best chance to learn. We believe that explicit instruction and engagement lend well to all learners. We use research based best practices and the latest technology in our teaching! We would love to share these practices with the Student Teachers of BYU-Idaho.

About the School

We are a K-6 Elementary School in Weber District. We are located on the outskirts of Ogden, Utah. Our school is tucked back in a quiet little neighborhood. We have about 530 students. Our school is also home to the P.A.L. program for 5th grade students. This is our accelerated program for all 5th grade students across the district.

Our students come from a variety of economic backgrounds. We are about 40% free and reduced. We have about 28 ELL.  We feel like our school would offer a prospective teacher a little taste of everything from true at risk students to the very gifted.

We also have the latest technology in all of our classrooms. This includes a document camera, projector, SMART Board, and SMART Response systems (clickers). The teachers are very adept at using this technology to enhance student engagement and learning.

We are looking for enthusiastic student teachers ready to learn and teach. We see this endeavor as a cooperative learning experience. We are ready to teach the students from BYU as well as learn from them. We invite student teachers who want to be as well prepared for the real classroom as possible.

Student teachers will leave our school with the latest technology teaching strategies, research based instruction skills, and a love for the education process! They will have many experiences dealing with a variety of learners. We have a school wide discipline program in place. This will give student teachers excellent experience in dealing with a variety of student behaviors. The student teachers will leave Pioneer Elementary ready to step into any classroom and have success.

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Students:Teachers Smart Boards Title 1 Language Programs
24:1 YES NO Spanish, Chinese

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