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Principal Keller, Lanie

Principal: Keller, Lanie

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Mission Statement

To provide an alternative instructional environment for the students and families of the Bonneville School District.

Message from the Principal

The faculty and staff of Mountain Valley believe the elementary school years are the most important years for children to develop academic, social, and physical skills that will be used throughout their lives. The skills they develop now will carry them forward to future success. Your involvement as parents in your child's learning experiences will have much to do with how well your child succeeds in school and later in life. The success of your child is our primary concern here at Mountain Valley Elementary.

The Mountain Valley community is a team requiring student, parents, and educators working together in order to create a solid foundation of academic knowledge in the basic core subject areas. We encourage all students to realize their high test potential and become better one day at a time. Mountain Valley is a school in which you can be proud. Parent and community involvement have always been strong at our school. Our students perform well on state examinations as well as district competitions. We have an excellent teaching and support staff that delivers quality education. Many of our teachers have earned or are working toward advanced degrees to constantly expand student learning.

About the School

Mountain Valley Elementary is like no other school you have seen. Our school is a vibrant, energetic, and fast paced school. Our school has a population of around 500. We are the district special education school housing three separate programs. Our school has four special education teachers and 15 paraprofessionals to meet the needs of the students in those programs. Between the three programs we serve close to 60 students with special needs. The students in the programs go to home rooms each day so all of our students learn important skills such patience, understanding, and tolerance. At Mountain Valley we have learned to celebrate our differences.

Mountain Valley Elementary is a high achieving school and consistently ranks among the top academic schools in the district and state.  Curriculum at our school is a combination of district supported text and text that we were allowed to adopt as the district's "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math" Magnate school. Teachers meet weekly together as teams to analyze data and monitor progress. Our school is dedicated to the belief that the student comes first. We have many activities during school and after that sets us apart from all the other schools. The Mountain Valley Outdoors Club (MVOC) is an after school club that gets students outside and playing. We have gone swimming, golfing, scuba diving, Frisbee golfing, rock climbing, and skiing. Who knows what we will do next? All we know is that it will be fun! Last year our school qualified for the state lego robotics championship. Recently our school received a NFL Fuel Up To Play 60 grant for 5,000 dollars which will supplement our existing PE equipment. Mountain Valley also has multiple opportunities to utilize technology. We have a mobile computer lab coming next year, iPads in some classrooms, interactive Brightlink projectors, and many other methods for students to challenge themselves in our electronic world. If you try Mountain Valley you will not want to leave!

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