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Principal: Kirk Thomas

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Mesa High School

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1630 East Southern Avenue

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Mission Statement

Mesa High is a united school with a common goal to provide all students with a challenging learning environment which promotes interest and excellence in academics. Our mission is to ensure every student the opportunity to acquire the skills and attributes necessary for success in a competitive 21st century economy by maintaining high expectations and providing support for all students, promoting personal accountability, and facilitating mastery of district, state, and national standards.

Message from the Principal

As the principal of Mesa High School, I know the key to effective education: strong teachers. The most significant thing I do each summer is hire well, so that our students learn from the best teachers. As a student teacher at MHS you'll be paired with an educator who faces the challenges inherent in our daily work through careful planning of innovative, effective lessons, and you'll also enjoy the benefits of collaboration with others who teach the same courses. I look forward to meeting you when I am in Rexburg and sharing the story of my campus. I am proud to be the principal of Mesa High School!

About the School

Mesa High School is the oldest high school in Arizona, and currently we are also the second largest high school in the state. To serve our population of nearly 3500 students, we have 150 teachers, 7 counselors, and 5 assistant principals. Our campus is a minority majority, and we are made up of students from all over the world. Students' academic achievement is supported through AVID, and as an AVID National Demonstration School we integrate AVID strategies like the Cornell Note system into all of our courses. Of course, we also have strong athletic and extra-curricular programs. One of the things that makes MHS unique is the dedication of our faculty, many of whom have taught here for more than 20 years. Mesa High has many strong traditions, and we enjoy the support of both our families and our community.

School Statistics

Students:Teachers Smart Boards Title 1 Language Programs
23:1 YES YES Spanish, French, ASL

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