Madison High School
Principal Bone, Michael

Principal: Bone, Michael

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Madison Middle School

Phone: (208) 359-3320

Fax: (208) 359-3348

575 W 7th S .

Rexburg, ID 83440

Mission Statement

Madison Middle School will promote high standards of academic achievement, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning in a safe and caring environment.

About the School

To influence, to preserve, to extend, and to provide direction to the values of our community, Madison Middle School is committed to providing the best possible education. The needs and capabilities of each student are of highest concern. Madison Middle School is a place where each student has the right to a safe and orderly learning environment. We promote academic achievement and social responsibility.

The faculty and staff of Madison Middle School are committed to:

  1. Creating a safe, positive learning environment where students, teachers, and other personnel demonstrate respect for themselves, others, and property.
  2. Providing students the opportunity to think critically and creatively, to communicate and to problem solve.
  3. Providing students the opportunity to become independent, self-disciplined learners, accountable and responsible for their actions and learning.
  4. Ensuring students will learn, given appropriate materials, time and learning opportunities.
  5. Facilitating engaging, creative, relevant and meaningful learning experiences.
  6. Offering classroom instruction that is aligned with school, district, and state standards.
  7. Affording opportunities for students to develop skills in the arts and lifetime physical education.
  8. Integrating technology into education.
  9. Involving students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members to promote a responsive learning community.