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Principal Brockett, Debbie

Principal: Brockett, Debbie

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Las Vegas High School

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Mission Statement

Las Vegas High School is developing the minds of students so they can achieve their future goals.

Message from the Principal

As the principal of Las Vegas High School, I believe that the number one factor of student success is having an effective teacher in every classroom. I also believe that it is our responsibility to ensure all students receive the support needed to be successful in any level class they choose to access. With that said, I know that teachers cannot be successful without a supportive administration and it is my job to ensure every staff member on my campus has the materials and support to be successful with their students. That is one reason I support the partnership with BYU-I, because I strongly believe that the knowledge and energy brought by student teachers to the classrooms at LVHS helps the current teachers while allowing the BYU-I students learn from some of the best in the business!

About the School

Las Vegas High School is 85% minority, with over 65% of the students coming from lower SES. With that said, when you walk onto our campus you will not see separation among subgroups, but instead a sea of "Red and Black"! We are the oldest namesake in the district, and we pride ourselves on being "Wildcats"! Our academic achievements are never ending and we have 41 different clubs, a huge selection of activities, an incredible performing arts program including band, choir, orchestra, guitar, and theater, and a strong sports program that continues to add region and state banners to our gym walls!

Las Vegas High School is always looking for effective, energetic teachers that maintain high expectations for themselves and their students.  We need teachers that never find excuses, but find the fun in the daily challenges that educating our future brings! We need teachers that understand that all students come to us with different aspirations, but it is our job to ensure that we maintain the same high expectations for all students and continue to challenge their intellect, while providing high levels of support and guidance.

Here are the many benefits a student teacher would receive from Las Vegas High School:

  • Professional Learning Community, where teachers are given time each week to work with their colleagues to develop materials, analyze student achievement data, and share best practices.
  • Highly effective master teachers that have been working with a diverse population of students for years.
  • Strong instructional practices, including the use of technology and unique grading practices that increase the achievement levels of a diverse population.
  • Many opportunities to become involved in various activities outside of the school day.
  • An energetic, fun student body that demonstrates respect for one another and for the staff!

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Students:Teachers Smart Boards Title 1 Language Programs
33:1 YES YES Spanish, French, Italian

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