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Principal: McLaren, Doug

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Hillcrest High School to establish a strong basic foundation for lifelong learning by nurturing, challenging, and guiding all students toward their maximum academic, aesthetic, physical, social, and emotional potential.

Message from the Principal

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join our faculty for your student teaching experience. Hillcrest is a great school and we are looking for dynamic professionals to be part of our culture. Our faculty and staff enjoy working with prospective teachers and we find that you have a great deal to offer our staff, students, and community.

Hillcrest is a comprehensive high school located in southeast Idaho. We currently have approximately 1400 students and 65 full time faculty members including teachers, counselors, an athletic director, and a media specialist in the library. We offer rich curricular choices for students including drama, art, choir, band, guitar, robotics, electronics, construction, drafting, family consumer science, history as film, zoology, creative writing, and genetics to name a few. We also offer advanced placement courses in social studies, science, English, foreign language, and math as well as several concurrent enrollment courses.

Our administration and teachers look forward to working with teachers that are almost ready to enter the field. We feel like student teachers provide our students another qualified professional that is there to help the student succeed. I hope you will consider sharing your student teaching experience with Hillcrest High School.

About the School

The Hillcrest community believes it is our job to work together to ensure success for all students. Collective responsibility is essential for high student achievement. This means each adult and student within the school actively assumes responsibility for learning, growth, and development of all students.

This document is the social contract between Hillcrest High School and all stakeholders within the community of Hillcrest High School. The following statements were created by the administration, staff leaders, parent groups and student leaders. This is who we are and what we expect this is our culture.

Hillcrest High School is looking for teaching partners. We expect our mentor teachers and student teachers to successfully work together to benefit our students. It is ideal when the teachers work together to identify the needs of the students and then develop a plan that will address those needs. We want student teachers that are comfortable working with whole group, large groups, small learning groups, and individual tutoring. Our faculty is embracing the learning community philosophy where we focus on student learning. We want student teachers that are looking to learn and grow.

Student teachers will leave Hillcrest High School with the knowledge to step into a classroom and be successful. You will have experience working with intelligent and talented teachers and intelligent and talented students. You will have the opportunity to work with students that have individual needs that have accommodations through an IEP or a 504. You will see a response to intervention plans in action. You will have the opportunity to communicate and meet with parents. The administration is available for mock interviews to prepare you for applications. You will develop classroom management strategies that work for you. You will also have the opportunity to help out with clubs, activities, dances, or athletic teams. You will have the opportunity to have the experience you desire to best prepare you for your own classroom.

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