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Principal: Michelle Parry

Principal: Michelle Parry

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Fremont High School

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Mission Statement

Since 1994, our vision and mission has defined Fremont High School. We have steadily grown with strong leadership, excellent community partnerships and links to local universities and colleges, and have built a strong and effective learning community. We are proud of our past accomplishments, but we are looking vigorously forward as we prepare our students for a future in the 21st Century and the learning that comes with the future.

Message from the Principal

I want to invite you to make Fremont High School your student teaching experience.  I realize there are many options and that at this stage of your lives, you make many important decisions, but I want you to know that coming to Fremont to do your student teaching will be the best decision you can make. We provide you with a comprehensive, hands-on experience with a school that offers you the opportunity to not only collaborate with a  staff that is friendly and professional but the culture is a nurturing environment where you can teach and get involved in the 53 clubs and groups and the dozens of extracurricular experiences as a coach, advisor, or just come and enjoy the great high school atmosphere that makes Fremont High School second to none. The school is a larger school (2200 students) with a small-town feel, located just a few minutes from downtown Ogden but surrounded by agriculture and great, supportive, hard-working families.  Academically, we have 76 concurrent enrollment courses (7000 credits given annually), 560 AP tests given, and the highest graduation rate in the district. We have had dozens of student teachers from BYU Idaho (and have hired a number of you) and the fit between the values you embrace and our students/faculty/community couldn’t be stronger.  We invite you to join our Fremont High team as you begin your incredible journey in making a difference in the lives of students. Thank you and as we say at Fremont… “It’s a Great Day to be a Silverwolf!”


WeberTube - Fremont High School Spirit Video 2016-2017

Fremont High School Spirit Video 2016-2017, Fremont High School Spirit Video 2016-2017

School Statistics

Students:Teachers Smart Boards Title 1 Language Programs
36:1 YES NO Spanish, German, ASL

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