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K. Marlowe, PhD

Principal:Marlowe, K. Ph.D.

Discovery Elementary School

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Discovery Elementary School

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2935 N Goldenrod Dr

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Mission Statement

Working together-creating lifelong learners.

Message from the Principal

As the principal of Discovery Elementary, it is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to our great school. This is a very special time in your child's life in which many fundamental concepts will be learned on both academic and social levels. Parents play a major role in this learning process and have a critical role in how successful each child becomes. This early success will have great bearing on future successes in a child's life. Vast studies in the area of child development and learning indicate that most of a child's intellectual development takes place prior to entering a formal classroom. This points to how important the home environment is in the education of each child. With students, parents, and educators working together, we offer students a sound foundation of academic knowledge and skills to further their educational learning. It is the goal of each individual here at Discovery Elementary to provide an environment and experience that will encourage strong academic, emotional and social development.We are looking forward to working with you, as we help your child experience all the joys of learning. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to teach your child. We feel that the success he or she enjoys is an indication of a positive attitude for learning that is taught both at home and at school. Your participation and encouragement will be a major contribution in your child's success.

Thank you for your support.

About the School

One thing that sets us a part from many other schools is our Spec. Ed. program for students with Autism. This magnet program serves many of the most severe students with autism in the district (about 25 students). We have two Spec. Ed. teachers and 15 paraprofessionals to accommodate their needs.  This program has been a blessing for us and our students because it has taught tolerance, service, and an understanding of differences in all of us.

Discovery Elementary is a high achieving school and consistently ranks among the top academic schools in the district and state.  Teachers regularly meet together as teams to analyze data and monitor progress. We participate in a Professional Learning Community that is focused on student achievement...and we have fun in the process. :)

In addition to the baseline technology appearing in the statistics (i.e. smart board), Discovery Elementary School has a host of other technologies its faculty can use to assist the learning process. Among these are interactive smart boards, elmos, flat screen TVs, audio projection systems, and a 34 station computer lab!

School Statistics

Student:Teachers Smart Boards Title 1 Language Programs
17:1 YES NO Spanish, French, Chinese

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