Frequently Asked Questions:

Partner School Interviews



What are Partner School Interviews?

Partner School Interviews are an opportunity for most of the principals from BYU-Idaho's partner school areas come to the BYU-Idaho campus to interview students before their student teaching. These interviews will determine your student teaching placement. 

When and where are the Partner School Interviews?

For those student teaching in Spring 2017, interviews will be January 30, 2017. For Fall 2017, interviews will be March 6-8, 2017. For Winter 2018, interviews will be September 26, 2017. The location for interviews will be announced each semester with your invitation to attend interviews.

What is the Meet and Greet, and why do I need to go?

The Meet and Greet is different from the interviews because it is a time when you (the student) will have the opportunity to get to know the principals and schools, instead of the principals getting to know you. Students should dress professionally. 

Please do not bring your resume to Meet and Greet.

The Meet & Greet is optional, though highly encouraged.

Do I need to go to the interviews?

All students who are student teaching in the Spring, Fall, and Winter 2017 semesters are required to go to the Partner School Interviews. Please check the dates for interviews above. 

What if I am off-campus during the Partner School Interviews?

If students are off-campus during the interviews, they are highly encouraged to come to BYU-Idaho if at all possible. Some circumstances make coming to campus impossible. If that is your case, please contact Field Services for another option. It is in your best interest to be here on campus for a live interview.

What are BYU-Idaho's partner school areas?

BYU-Idaho has five partner school areas: Weber (Ogden area), Salt Lake (Joradan area), Local (Bonneville, Madison, Jefferson), Las Vegas, and Mesa. For more information about the partner school areas and to look at the information for individual schools within the areas, please click HERE.

Do I need to sign in/check in anywhere before I interview?           

There will be an information table if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, just feel free to find your interview room and wiat until you are invited into the room by an Area Coordinator or administrator. We will have peers ready to assist you in finding room numbers, etc.

What if I need a local placement?

Anyone who would like to be considered for local placement will be able to interview with our local district. If circumstances are such that you cannot leave the local area, you need to visit with one of the Directors in Field Services prior to interviews. As there are no guarantees regarding placement, we encourage all students to interview with more than one of our partner schools. This provides you with a more varied experience and different opportunities to learn. 

 How do I cancel an interview?

          Please contact The Field Services office by phone (208-496-4140)

Will there be group interviews?

Most likely. Because of the high number of students interviewing, group interviews are created to accommodate the high number of students.

When will I hear about my placement after I interview?

 You will receive an email from your Area Coordinator informing you of your placement.

What if I don’t receive a placement?

All candidates who have met the requirements to student teach and have successfully demonstrated proof of performance in prior practicum experiences will be placed for srudent teaching. In rare instances, a student may need to defer to a later semester if a placement in their content area is not available in the area in which they need to be placed. If you are sufficiently prepared and willing to be open to several possibilities, there should be no reason for you to not be placed.

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