Out of State Certification

Idaho Certification Information

BYU-Idaho urges graduates to certify in Idaho for the following reasons:

  • Proof of licensure in Idaho allows other states to licensure without the need to verify current certification status.
  • Licensure in Idaho can save graduates both time and money.
  • Without Idaho licensure, many states will require completion of additional requirements prior to issuing a license.
  • Under the reciprocity agreement, graduates can obtain a provisional license, gain employment, and work in another state within a grace period, allowing time to meet additional requirements of the specific state.
  • Some states require individuals to be certifiable, and a few require a transcript indicating the individual has graduated with a degree in education. It is up to the graduate to discover the specific requirements of the state in which they choose to teach.
  • Students are urged to maintain certification in Idaho, although the student is responsible to determine whether or not to do so.

Out of State Certification Information

As a courtesy to our students, BYU-Idaho provides information and guidance for the teacher certification out of state. We do not research or provide other states' rules, regulations, and processes. It is up to the graduate to discover your chosen state’s particular process for certification and to determine whether or not you will seek licensure in Idaho or a different state. Most states have directions for certification on their Department of Education websites.

We do process verification forms for students who are applying for certification in other states. 

Out of State Certification Process

  • All verification forms should be sent to Carol Frongner (frongnerc@byui.edu), along with the following information:
    • Name (As it appeared on the campus database at the time of graduation)
    • Year and semester of Student Teaching Semester
    • I-number
    • Degree name (Elementary Education, Mathematics Education, etc.)
    • Current address
    • Current phone number
  • Enter your personal information into the out of state certification verification form.
  • Field Services will complete the institutional portion of the form.
  • Make sure your verification form has the appropriate signatures and/or seals.
  • Field Service will return your verification form to you unless directed otherwise.
  • If you are certified in the State of Idaho, attach a copy of your certificate.