Transitioning to Zoom

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For many years, Adobe Connect has been BYU-Idaho's approved tool for web conferencing.  As of August 2017, we have switched to Zoom.  

The main use of Zoom is to hold a virtual meeting on the web.  You can also share your desktop display and record a Zoom session.  It is considered both a "video conferencing" and a "web conferencing" tool, fulfilling the functionality of both.  

The university's license allows all students and employees to have unlimited use of Zoom while affiliated with the institution, for academic, job-related, and personal use.  Each user is assigned a "room" which is essentially a web space for holding meetings.  You can access that room anytime 24/7.  

As the "host," you can invite someone to join a meeting, by simply providing them with the URL for your room (through email or on a webpage, ie., within I-Learn.  Each room can hold up to 100 participants at any given time.  

We still have access to Adobe Connect through December 15 of 2017.  Over the coming few months, we will be changing our instructions and links to refer to Zoom.  

Below are links to some resources to help you get started and to learn to use Zoom.  

Weekly Zoom Training Webinars

Zoom has weekly training webinars that you can sign up for in order to learn more about Zoom. If your classes or curriculum are web conferencing intensive, these would be a great way to learn more about Zoom. 

Zoom Video Tutorials

These videos are a great place to start when using Zoom. These videos range from the basic how-to's of Zoom to how to set up meetings and close-captioning your videos.

Zoom Technical Webinars

Zoom hosts these videos of past webinars that can be a great help if you are looking for additional training.

Guide to Getting Started with Zoom

For additional information, call the FTC (Faculty Technology Center) at x7230 or come to MCK 355 for help.