This guide is designed for on-campus faculty members at Brigham Young University-Idaho. It provides an overview of what it means to be a faculty member at BYU-Idaho. It also clarifies policies, principles, and practices that can help faculty members serve effectively. The first chapter gives an overview of the University. The second chapter covers the responsibilities of faculty members. Chapters three through six explain the procedures followed in the classroom, the department, the college, and the Academic Office-the places where faculty members are most likely to work and interact. The final chapter provides information about the Executive Office.

The Faculty Guide has numbered headings and sub-headings, making it easy to locate and reference topics. In each three-part number, the first number refers to the chapter, the second number refers to the section, and the third number refers to the subsection.

Additional information regarding general employment is available through the official University Policies and Procedures website. Faculty members who have other questions should contact their department chairs.

University Policies and Procedures