Section 205 of Title II of the Higher Education Opportunity Act mandates that the Department of Education collect data related to teacher certification and licensure, as well as data on the performance of teacher preparation programs. This report presents selected data which was provided to USDOE in response to the reporting requirements of this law.

I. Admission Requirements

The following are required for admission in the BYU-Idaho teacher preparation program: application, transcript, fingerprint check, minimum number of courses/credites/semester hours completed, minimum undergraduate GPA, minimum GPA in content area coursework, subject area/academic content test or other subject matter verification, eEssay or personal statement. An application process for admittance into the teacher education programs occurs typically during the sophomore year (semester 3 or 4).

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II. Enrollment Information

Ethnicity and Race Number Enrolled
Hispanic/Latino of any race 91
American Indian or Alaska Native 11
Asian 36
Black or African American 13
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 10
White 2,599
Two or More Races 193

III. Supervised Clinical Experience

IV. Teachers Prepared by Subject Area for Academic Year 2012-2013

Subject AreaNumber Prepared
Teacher Education - Special Education  56
Teacher Education - Early Childhood Education 56
Teacher Education - Elementary Education 147
Teacher Education - Secondary Education 210
Teacher Education - Agriculture 6
Teacher Education - Art 18
Teacher Education - English/Language Arts 49
Teacher Education - Foreign Language 16
Teacher Education - Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics 15
Teacher Education - Mathematics 30
Teacher Education - Music 32
Teacher Education - Social Studies 12
Teacher Education - Biology 6
Teacher Education - Drama and Dance 6
Teacher Education - History 15
Teacher Education - Physics 4
Teacher Education - Spanish 16
Teacher Education - Speech 6
Teacher Education - Earth Science 1
Note. An individual can be counted in more than one subject area.

V. Program Completers

VI. Summary of Praxis Pass Rates

GroupNumber taking testsNumber passing testsPass rate (%)
All program completers, 2013-14 368 359 98
All program completers, 2012-13 246 238 97
All program completers, 2011-12 384 383 100

VII. Praxis Pass Rates for Specific Assessments

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