BYU-Idaho's second core theme: Quality- "Providing a high-quality education that prepares students of diverse interests and abilitites for lifelong learning and employment."


Our second core theme encompasses our efforts to:

  • Assist students in meeting learning outcomes.
  • Support a positive learning experience.
  • Help students prepare for their future roles.
  • Assist faculty in developing as teachers and in their fields.

    Key Indicator #1 - Attainment of Outcomes

    Graph of Retention Rates

    Source: Mapped from program review data

    Target: 75% proficient or distinguished for each institutional outcome.

    Status: Meeting target

    Notes: These percentages reflect the most current outcomes assessment data collected from the academic departments during program review and annual status updates.

          Key Indicator #2 - Critical Thinking and Writing

          CLA Plus

          Source: Collegiate Learning Assessment ( CLA+)

          Target: The average score for seniors at BYU-Idaho will be greater than or equal to 75% of seniors nationally.

          Status: Meeting target. BYU-Idaho seniors scored in the 75th percentile


                Key Indicator #3 - Practical Leadership Skills

                graph of the percentage of students agreeing with "My Leadership Experiences Helped me to Learn Practical Leadership Skills" 80% of graduates agree that BYU-Idaho helped them develop practical leadership skills

                Source: Survey of graduating students

                Target: 80% of graduates will agree or strongly agree that leadership experiences at BYU-Idaho helped them develop practical leadership skills.

                Status: Meeting target 


                      Key Indicator #4 - Program Satisfaction


                      Source: Survey of Graduating Students (Exit Survey)

                      Target: 80% of graduating students would choose the same major.

                      Status: Watch. Recent drops may need consideration. 


                            Key Indicator #5 - Employment one year after graduation


                            Source: Alumni Survey

                            Target: 95% of alumni who are seeking a job will have a job (or a firm offer) one year after graduating.

                            Status: Meeting target 

                                  Key Indicator #6 - Faculty Development Plans


                                  Source: Faculty Development Office

                                  Target: 90% of faculty will have a professional development plan.

                                  Status: Watch. Additional efforts may be needed to increase the number of faculty with professional development plans.


                                  Data suggests that BYU-Idaho is successfully meeting or close to meeting expectations for core theme two and its objectives. The program satisifaction indicator shows room for improvement. It is anticipated that approved curriculum changes with a certificate first approach and nested certificates will have a posisitve impact on this metric. Recent declines in data points will continue to be monitored.