Steps in the application process



  • Print the Application - see below
  • Submit the application.
  • Interview with a director.
  • Receive notification of acceptance.
  • Deposit $1200 at campus cashier.
  • Be cleared to travel by office of student life (including bishop's endorsement to register for spring semester).

Submitting your application:

  • Take or send the application to Robert Bird, Darin Merrill, or Dan Pearce, or to the English Department Office in Rigby 180.
    Fax: 208.496.4363


Darin Merrill

314 Rigby Hall


Rexburg, ID 83460-4550


Dan Pearce

321 Rigby Hall


Rexburg, ID 83460-4550


Robert Bird

312 Rigby Hall 


Rexburg, ID 83460-4550



  • If a director is not in, slide the application pages under the door or leave it in the English Dept. Office, Rigby Hall 180, or email it to Your application is NOT complete until a director has received it. Applicants must be cleared for eligibility through the Dean of Student's office.
  • You'll receive an email notifying you about acceptance to the program. A $1200 deposit is due three weeks after notification.
  • Students on any track may apply.


Print the Application


Selection and Screening Process:

Directors consider student demeanor, personality, health, academics, and interests. Evaluation is based on recommendations, directors' knowledge, and information supplied by the student. Preference is given to earliest applications. Not all applicants will be accepted. A student who is not accepted is entitled to a full refund of deposits paid.