Prospective Students

Have you considered majoring in English?

Though it might not seem like the ideal major for someone trying to decide what to focus on as an undergraduate, studying English can help any student succeed in the world. The skills you will develop as you study literature and writing will help you become a more effective student, employee, and person.


Feel free to peruse the presentation the English department has created for the Major Fair in Winter of 2008. You'll need Adobe Flash Player 7 or higher in order to watch.

Why should I major in English?

With what skills will I graduate, and in what fields will I be able to intern?

What else does the English department offer?

 What do English majors say about their own major?

"Studying English has helped me better empathize with other people. I wouldn't be able to do so if I hadn't vicariously experienced others' lives in the stories I've read." - Erica


"You have creative freedom. You'll always have an audience, even if you're writing something only other English majors would like." - Barry


"I love being an English major because I have been given the opportunity to think outside the box. The English language seems to always be changing. Now, as an English major, I get to be in the midst of it." - Kathleen


"English allows you to exercise the right side of your brain. Use the right brain for the right major." - Sarah