English Department Internships

Have you wondered why an internship is a good thing? Take a look at this fact sheet .


How do I find an internship?

  1. The English department will send out emails occasionally announcing internships that should be of specific interest to you. Read them before deleting them.
  2. Numerous internship expeditions head out each semester. They're a great way to make connections.
  3. Try your luck with the Career Navigator .
  4. Your initiative! Sell yourself to potential employers by taking steps to make yourself noticed if you'd like to intern somewhere not mentioned in Career Navigator. Send letters to companies, polish your resume, don't be afraid of rejection.


What do I need to do after I've found a possible internship?

Go through the registration process detailed on the Internship and Career Services page Internship Registration. Registering through the school ensures that your experience will be as smooth as possible. Plus, it counts for elective English credit!



If you're still confused as to where to start, please contact one of the English department internship coordinators.

Here is the general internship Syllabus!