• Ph.D., Literature and Criticism, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Indiana, PA), 2009 Dissertation: Private Fire: The Prose and Ecopoetry of Robert Francis
  • M.A., English, Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY), 1998 Thesis: Two Tickets to Paradox: Collection of original prose
  • B.A., English, Utah State University (Logan, UT), 1995

Areas of Specialization/Interest

literary theory, American literature, creative writing

Select Publications/Presentations

Private Fire: The Ecopoetry and Prose of Robert Francis (forthcoming, University of Delaware Press)

"He Wanted to Be a Cartoonist for the New Yorker." Press 53 Open Awards Anthology(October 2010)

"Welcome, Welcome." White Whale Review (2010)

"We Value Your Feedback." The Battered Suitcase (2010)

"My Six-Year Old Daughter Rhapsodizes on the Food Chain in My Parents' Jacuzzi on Labor Day." 
          Staccato (Summer 2010)

"Sapphics for Brugge." The Literary Bohemian (Fall 2010)

"Five Laotions." San Pedro River Review (Summer 2010)           

"Threnody for an Idaho Spring." decomP (2010)        

"Miniature Golf: An Allegory." Foundling Review (2010)           

"Running in Stratford" and "Running in Madison County." Spoon River Poetry Review (2010)

"Moose Remembered," "Uncle Steve Delivers a Miniature Lecture on the Nuances of Jungian Psychology on a Sunday Afternoon at Abbotsford," and "Poem Written after Visiting the Pencil Museum in Keswick, Cumbria (I Want to Love You)." (2010)

"Visions at Birch Creek" and "Jerusalem Artichoke." Irreantum (2010)

Impressions (e-fiction), Wild Child, 2008

Under the Stone (e-fiction), Wild Child, 2008

"Learning Logs in Introductory Literature Courses." Teaching in Higher Education12.4 (2007)           

"Bryant's 'The Yellow Violet.'" The Explicator 65.1 (Fall 2006)

"Leggo My Ego." The Writing Lab Newsletter 19.5 (1995)