• Ph.D., literature and creative writing, University of Houston, 2003
  • M.A., English, Brigham Young University, 1999
  • B.A., English, Brigham Young University, 1997

Areas of Specialization/Interest

Creative writing, Twentieth century literature,  Victorian literature, Middle Eastern studies

Select Publications/Presentations

"Elijah" and "Scripture" in Lalitamba (forthcoming)

"Janie Goodmansen's Reply" and "Sixth Grade Broadway Review" Dialogue (forthcoming)

"Testing Center" and "Prufrock in the BYU-I Fitness Center" Furrow (forthcoming)

"The Wind" Comstock Review (forthcoming)

"Horses for Hire" Freshwater, 2012

"A Black Spot" and "Digging a Well" Prairie Schooner, Spring 2012

"Cleave," "A Few Questions-Involving Pears-For My Newborn Son," "To a Pear," "Some" and  "Blind Man to the Healer" reprinted in Fire in the Pasture: 21st Century Mormon Poets.

"Childhood is a Small Country" Poet Lore, Fall/Winter 2011

"Mother of Three," "On Your Birthday," and "Poem for a New Father" The Fertile Source, May 2011

"Adam's Song," "Buffalo Jump," and "Elegy for a Soldier" Contemporary American Voices, August 2011

"Four Temples" and "Temple Marriage" Perspective 8.1 (2008): 96

"Blind Man to the Healer" Perspective 5.2 (2005): 110.

"Reflection from My Future" Texas Review 26.1-2 (2005): 142.

"Cleave" Literature and Belief 23.1 (2003): 55.

"To a Pear" and "Some" Meridian Magazine (online) 2003.

 "A Few Questions-Involving Pears-For My Newborn Son." BYU Studies 39.1 (2000): 66.

"Adam's Song." BYU Studies 38.3 (1999): 62.

"The Sacrament at Ninety-Seven." Literature and Belief 18.2 (1998): 68.