• Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2009 Dissertation: A Comparative Analysis of the Hg and El Canterbury Tales MSS.
  • M.A., Brigham Young University, 1997 Thesis: The Corpus Christi 198 Tradition in the Nun's Priest's Prologue and Tale in Three 'D' Group Manuscripts: Egerton 2863, Royal 18.C.II, and Harley 1738.
  • B.A., Brigham Young University, 1995
  • A.A., Ricks College, 1988

Areas of Specialization/Interest

Chaucer; Medieval, Early Modern, and Restoration literature; grammar and history of the English language.

Select Publications/Presentations

A Lexical Analysis of the Texts of the Hengwrt and Ellesmere Manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury 
          Tales.Tempe, AZ: MRTS, 2012.
"The Myth of Teaching What You Don't Know." Perspectives.  Spring 2012.

Sauer, Michele, ed.  "Bestiary." Facts on File Companion to British Poetry before 1600.  New York: Facts
          on File, 2008.

Sauer, Michele, ed.  "Elegy."  Facts on File Companion to British Poetry before 1600.  New York: Facts on 
          File, 2008.

International Conferences

"Twins Sons of Different Mothers: Variant Rates in the General Prologue between the Hg and El
                Manuscripts."  Early Book Society Meeting.  Belfast, Ireland, 2005.

"Chaucerian Patience and Patience."  37th International Medieval Congress.  Kalamazoo, MI.  May, 2002.

"Chauntecleer's Mediterranean Ancestor."  The Medieval Association of the Pacific annual meeting. 
                Victoria, BC, Canada.  February 26, 2000.

"The Evolution of Chauntecleer from Priapus Gallinacius to Morning's Herald."  Early Book Society
                Sixth Biennial Meeting. Glasgow, Scotland, 1999.

Regional Conferences

"The origin of 'Thee' and 'Thou' and their Purposeful Use in the King James Bible."  RMMRA Annual
          Meeting.  Pocatello, Idaho, 2011.

"The Topaz and the Knight: Shakespeare's use of a Chaucerian Symbol."  RMMRA Annual
          Meeting/Woodon 'O' Symposium.  Cedar City, UT, 2010.

"Tales of Tales: How Theme Affects Variant Rates  in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales." RMMRA Annual
          Meeting, Flagstaff, AZ.  May 2009.

"Margaret Cavendish and Renaissance Logic."  RMMRA Annual Meeting, Boulder, CO.  May 2007.

"'He's More than Famous, He's In-famous': The Author/Scribe of Cotton Nero A.x."  RMMRA Annual
          Meeting.  Durango, CO.  May 2004.

"Grave Burlesque in Paradise Lost."  RMMLA meeting.  Scottsdale, AZ.  October, 2002.

"Chauntecleer's Rise, Fall, Rise, Fall, and Rise."  Southwest Graduate Symposium, Tempe, AZ.  March,

"The Presence of Cicero and Quintilian in Selected Irish Tracts of Jonathan Swift."  Western Society of
            Eighteenth Century Studies.  Orange, CA.  Feb. 2002.

"Glasgow Hunterian Manuscript Jumps Ship: A Collation of the Nun's Priest's Tale."  Rocky Mountain
            Modern Language Association.  Boise, ID.  October, 2000.

Local Conferences

"The Myth of Teaching What you Don't Know."  Faculty Conference, Rexburg, ID.  September, 2011.

"'Wilt Thou Also Destroy the Righteous from among the Wicked?'  Taking The Best from Marginal
                Materials."  Faculty Conference, Rexburg, ID.  September 2010.

Invited Presentations

"The Language of the King James Bible" for the 400th Year Celebration of the King James Bible.  BYU-
                Idaho, 2011.

"Medieval Literature and You." Hillcrest High School, 2007-08-09.  Skyline High School, 2008.