Copyright Information

With so many sources to help teachers in the classroom, copyright questions are bound to come up. The following are links to several resources that explain the several acts and laws that govern copyrighted materials and their use. Of special note is the source devoted to the university's new Copyright Clearance Center that will be fully operational in Fall 2012.

Copyright Basics - This gives the basic explanations of the principles governing copyrighted material.

The TEACH Act - This source explains what is and is not covered by the TEACH Act as well as who can use it and when.

Law of Fair Use - This resource has tutorials, principles, and materials to help teachers know when and how they can invoke Fair Use laws in their classrooms. It also includes a handy checklist for a quick way to see if their intended use of material is legal.

Copyright Clearance Center - This resource explains what materials are and are not covered by the copyright license as well as how to search and use the CCC.