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The Help-Wanted page is for community members and people who would like to place personal employment ads.

If you only need a student for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks - this is the place to post your job.

BYU-Idaho accepts postings for local, temporary, and personal service jobs, which will appear on a Help Wanted web page for students.


Businesses & Organizations: Please register and post your position on Career Navigator.

Policies for Job Postings:

University policy does not allow us to post positions of the following types in our Career Navigator database or on our campus bulletin boards.

  • Third-party recruiting services
  • Direct Sales-including, but not limited to pest control sales, alarm sales, satellite sales, and door-to-door sales
    • PLEASE NOTE:  In addition to not posting direct sales positions, university policy does not allow us to post ANY positions for direct sales companies
  • Other positions that do not appear to fit the University's guidelines for employment postings.

Policies for Help Wanted Postings:

  • The student Help Wanted page is designed for community postings such as personal services  - including, but not limited to nannies, babysitters, yard keepers, painters, movers, housekeepers, etc.
  • You should include all details of the job posting, including job description, pay/wages, contact information, application deadline, desired start date, etc. (see link below)
  • Postings will remain on the Help Wanted page for up to 7 days, unless notified the job has been filled (or previous arrangements have been made).
  • The Academic Discovery Center reserves the right to reject or remove postings it does not deem appropriate or that appear to be questionable in nature.

Job Posting Request

If you would like to submit a help-wanted posting, please click here to fill out the request form.

    Other Resources

    There are several resources available to employers for job postings. The local agencies listed below are designed to accommodate requests that do not fit within University posting guidelines.

    LDS Employment

    208-523-4880 or 208-359-1446

    Idaho Department of Labor (Job Service)

    208-557-2501 or labor.idaho.gov

    Express Personnel

    208-529-2661 or expresspersonnel.com

    Gem State Staffing


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