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Class Information

Below are the date, time, location, and outline for this class.

Understanding Our Eternal Identity

Taught by Mark Seare


Day Time Location
Thursday, August 1 4 p.m. Taylor 276
Mark Seare

Mark Seare


Mark H. Seare received a B.A. in Piano Performance and a B.M. in Education from Utah State University. He also received a M.M. in Orchestral Conducting from Brigham Young University.

As a teacher, he has seen many students who struggle because of their lack of conviction about their identity as a child of God. In an effort to better help and motivate his students, this topic has been the focus of his recent scripture study. It is his belief that children who have a testimony and understanding of the atonement will be more prepared for their futures.

Seare is married to the former Debbie Hoffmann of Preston, Idaho. They have four children, the last two being twins who are currently serving missions. In December, they are expecting their fourth grandchild. Seare served a mission to Zurich, Switzerland. He has served as Gospel Doctrine teacher, as well as in the Young Men program. He has also served in elders quorum presidencies, and currently serves as a counselor in a bishopric. He loves to spend time with his wife, swim, collect trains, and dabble in composing music.

Class Outline

King Benjamin's landmark address to his people gives us a pattern for understanding our eternal identity. When we understand the Atonement, we understand our need for a Savior. Through His loving mercy, He answers our cry for forgiveness. As we serve our fellowmen, we gain purification, which motivates us to make and keep our covenants. This pattern enables us to become like Him.

Course Objectives:

1. Children need to know they are loved.

a. Heavenly Father gives us all

b. We should serve Him (others)

c. Choices make us either happy or miserable

2. Atonement explained

a. Explains our need for a Savior

b. Natural man is an enemy

3. The Congregation (children) FEELS the need for that Savior

4. Humility and service gives us retention of forgiveness

a. FILLS the need for the atonement

b. Humility

c. Service to children and fellowmen

5. Congregation (children) feels "no more dispositions to do evil"

6. Importance and blessings of covenants

a. Take upon us the name of Christ

b. The process of becoming like Christ