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Class Information

Below are the date, time, location, and outline for this class.

Life's Marvelous Teaching Experiences

Taught by James Keller


Day Time Location
Friday, August 2 4 p.m. Taylor Chapel
James Keller

James Keller


James Keller attended Brigham Young University where he received both a B.S. and M.S. in Civil and Structural Engineering. He also attended the University of California, Berkeley where he completed his course work for his PhD, which consisted of three years in structural mechanics. Before completing his dissertation, he was offered a partnership in a consulting engineering firm in Idaho.

Keller has 35 years of consulting engineering experiences throughout five different states. He is the founder, CEO, and President of Keller Associates—a consulting engineering firm with offices in four states. Keller started the company in 1991 with only a secretary. The company is now owned by eleven key engineers who employee sixty others. Keller has had many callings and has served three separate missions (two with his wife). He served in the Guadalajara Mexico Mission as first counselor in the presidency as well as in the South America South Area, where he developed the activation and actualization processes.

Keller and his wife have one daughter and five sons. All sons are eagle scouts, served missions, have at least a B.S. degree, and are now successfully employed or have their own business. Their daughter is a registered nurse, mother of six children and wife of a great husband, father and attorney. The Keller’s have 14 grandchildren with ages ranging from nine months, to sixteen. Keller enjoys bike riding, snowmobiling, water skiing, reading good books, studying the scriptures, talking to clients and any activity with his lovely sweetheart. He also cherishes activities with family and friends.

Keller also received his brother's kidney, saving not only his life, but his brother's as well.

Class Outline

Most of life's temporal and spiritual experiences give us opportunities to grow and develop the Christlike attributes that are necessary for us to meet the Lord without shrinking from His presence. (Mosiah 2: 38-39)  In addition, temporal experiences can have a surprisingly significant impact on our understanding of the purpose of life and our eternal progress as well.

Course Objectives:

We will analyze and discuss some personal examples (reinforced by scripture) that will demonstrate how faith and confidence in the Lord can be developed from daily and seemingly insignificant life's experiences:

1. Case Study - Ririe Water Pumping Station: During the start-up testing, the pump station would not deliver the flow of water, as it should have. After months of exploratory evaluations, an internal problem was discovered. What can this simple experience teach us about ourselves? How can this relate to our own personal problems?  

2. Case Study - Heise Snake River Bridge: After many days of study, investigation, and pondering, a decision was made to construct the bridge piers counter or almost perpendicular to the existing water current, a practice not recommended and highly discouraged.  Why would a highly discouraged practice like this be employed?  How might inspiration have influenced this decision? A quick review of the Heise Bridge on Google Maps could give you insight. The bridge is located near the Heise hot Springs in South Madison.

3. Case Study - Kidney Transplant:  15 years ago, I was told my kidneys were polycystic and were no longer going to continue to function. My older brother immediately volunteered to donate his kidney and I received a priesthood blessing where I was promised that I would receive my brother's kidney and my life would be extended. Within a month my brother was rejected as a transplant donor because of a serious aneurism. In spite of this rejection, I ultimately received one of my brother's kidneys, which preserved my life and also saved his own life.  What can we learn from an experience like this?  How could such an experience not be considered a miracle? 

4. Mission Experiences in Peru, Mexico and Argentina: After receiving my brother's kidney and conquering prostate cancer my wife and I have served two foreign missions.

Additional Materials