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Class Information

Below are the date, time, location, and outline for this class.

Diet...Is a Four-Letter Word!

Taught by Jennifer Brewer


Day Time Location
Friday, August 2 4 p.m. Hinckley 203
Jennifer Brewer

Jennifer Brewer


Jen Brewer is a registered dietitian and mother of six children. When she is not fixing meals for her kids, she can be found in one of three community/school gardens that she tends to help teach children in her corner of the world where real food comes from! She loves all things healthy and loves even more all things chocolatey!

She graduated from BYU in 1999, finished her dietetic internship in 2000, and then hopscotched around the country with her husband through his medical training. Jen spent two years as a full-time dietitian in the Detroit Health Department before having twins, after which she traded changing lanes in the commuter traffic for changing diapers in her home. After being contacted by the health department again, she agreed to start on the speaking route, and has been loving it ever since. After their Michigan days, they spent a year in Connecticut, then scooted to Rochester, MN where her husband finished his training, and stayed on at Mayo Clinic as a skin cancer surgeon. She now works part-time as the Dietitian and Aerobics Instructor at the YMCA.

Jen has published two books, Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight and Be the Chocolate Chip (Now that's a pair of perfectly tuned books!), and has another one in the works. She loves speaking, writing, and just plain being silly with her kids. She blogs very irregularly, but oh so earnestly at

Class Outline

Before you jump onto the next diet bandwagon, STOP and run to this class where we will debunk the fad diet myths, and learn how to build your best body from the inside out.  It's not about learning new and breaking information, this class is about how you build the bridge between the gaping cliff of what you know versus what you do to keep your body healthy.

  1. Discuss the Fad diet myths
  2. Explain the four principles to a healthy body
    • Calories in vs Calories Out
    • Basic Body Ingredients (yes, types of calories do matter!)
    • Exercise
    • Sleep!  (Yes, you have to Rest it to lose it!)
  3. Introduce the Tool Box Theory
    • So much of healthy living is not learning new information... its is building the bridge between what we Know and what we Do
  4. Discuss tools for the personal tool box
    • Subtraction by Addition
    • Slendersize
    • Eat to end hunger, not to feel full
    • Don't be the garbage disposal
    • Mindful Eating
    • Stop the Stress
    • Use the Apple Test
    • Face Your Stuff, Don't Stuff your Face
    • Shop Deliberately
    • Look Long, Step Small
    • Eat Close to the Farm
    • Plan!
  5. Participants will walk away with an abundance of tools to start using on their road to better health!